Care Guide

General Care 

  • To ensure the integrity of your Sacred Moon piece avoid contact with water, soap, lotions or harsh materials.
  • To care for your Sandalwood beads massage them with a natural oil like Sandalwood Oil, Flax Oil or Coconut Oil.
  • To preserve the quality of your piece remove jewelry prior to swimming, exercise or washing hands. 
  • Natural gemstones are delicate in nature. Avoid using harsh chemicals, excessive temperatures or rough cloths to clean your piece, as they may lead to scratches. 


Your mala has been made with high quality string that is every-day tough, but keep in mind that they are hand made and may break. Fret not, a broken mala is considered auspicious, particularly if you have been working hard on a particular mantra. This is why we offer a restringing service. Contact us here for pricing. 

    Customer Care 

    We are here to help with styling tips or any product questions. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Just click the chat icon and we will be with you soon.