Sacred Moon Jewelry was born from the desire to empower, uplift, and honor all who wear it. 

It is our belief that each of us carries a unique gift within them. It is our privilege and joy to help you honor that gift, and your own divine nature, by investing in a piece of jewelry that speaks to the beauty that you are, and the journey that you are on. 

All Sacred Moon pieces are designed and crafted with love, in New Jersey. We take great care in creating these pieces, from hand-knotting our malas to charging each crystal element by the light of the moon. 

Our highest intention is that these pieces serve you well, from your spiritual practice to your every day life. 



We pride ourselves on being a Conscious Business in many ways. That means we are: 

Energetically Conscious

  • Moonlight cleansed crystals are energetically clarified.
  • “I only create when I am vibrating high & most happy!” Elizabeth, founder

    Environmentally Conscious

    • All packaging is reusable, compostable or recyclable.
    • Sustainable materials are used whenever possible, particularly Sandalwood.
    • I use primarily non-toxic materials in my studio and responsibly dispose of hazardous waste when it is used.

    Socially Conscious

    • A portion of every online purchase is donated to organizations that support environmental justice, and social justice causes.


    Liz Magill Peer is the creator and founder of Sacred Moon Jewelry. As a self-taught artist, Liz discovered that crafting this wearable art allowed her to seamlessly blend her affinity for style with her passions for meditation, connection, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

    The textures and rhythms of her quaint river town consistently provide inspiration for Liz, whose work reflects a fusion of design, movement, and fashion. 

    When she’s not lovingly crafting pieces for Sacred Moon Jewelry, Liz enjoys a regular Yoga and meditation practice, cherishing moments in nature, with her friends, husband, and their fluffy rescue pup, Clover.

    “I find great purpose in fostering interconnectedness amongst all beings and jewelry is a beautiful medium to facilitate that.” -Liz

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